handmade holiday day 10

Handmade holiday day 10: felt advent pockets.

As much as I love paper, I love felt almost as much. Mostly because you can make lots of "no sew" projects with it. :) I made my 7 year old a felt train advent pocket calendar when he was a toddler and my 3 year old has been sharing it with him. Its time he got his own. He loves snowmen and also loves "colorful." So for my 10th day, I chose to make this. All you need is a felt background, felt, hot glue gun, a dowel, and puffy paint. I used my sizzix to cut out many of the circles and freehanded a few. The pockets are white squares of felt. I let my little guy lay out the snowmen how he liked them, so some of them are upside down or built funny (which I love). It took about 6 sticks of hot glue and no sewing at all. I used puffy paint to write the numbers. I folded 2 inches of the top behind to make a pocket to slide the dowel through. Then just some twine tied to each end of dowel and it hangs nice. Each night I fill the pocket for the next day with a little treat or prize. 

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