My Story By the Decade

I recently was a contributor for a fun workshop called My Story By the Decade. It was hosted by Retrohipmama and Kristymakes. It has allowed me to reach back in time to my childhood. I'm so glad I did this because it brought back so many memories. I had an awesome childhood. I am the youngest of 8 kids, and I have LOVED seeing the old family pictures. There were a few photos I had never seen before that my mom brought over for this project. The minute I saw these cards, I knew I just HAD to use that typewriter card and the jukebox one etc. Since I was born in 1984, it didn't exactly fit my era. So, I gathered old photos of my parents who got married in the 60s. It was so fun to add the cards to “their story.” My dad passed away not to long ago, and I adore seeing these pictures of him. I hope you are motivated to share your story. There is something really great about documenting your childhood as an adult, when you know what ended up being significant in your life. You can still buy Andrea and Kristy's cute cards and print them out for your "story." Head over to Andrea's blog to get the cards and see other contributors' projects. 

A few tips:
-Add the date or year with a date stamper.
-I added some tickets, an old bingo card, and doilies to help with the feel of the era.
-All of my photos are simply photos taken of old photos using my iphone. Then I printed them so they were the right sizes for my pockets, and I still have all the originals.
-I often created a white border with a bigger bottom part to make it look like an old Polaroid.
-I used an actual old typewriter to add text here and there.
-I still have a few old toys of mine, so I took pictures of some favorites and added them in. For me, this really pulls the photos and toys together and absolutely takes me right back to 1991.

Thank you Andrea and Kristy! What an awesome, meaningful project.

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